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Checkout countries yet to record a Single Coronavirus Case

Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 started late last year in China. The virus could not be confined in China alone as it started spreading to different parts of the world. The W.H.O. was forced to declare it a global pandemic. This has really affected most countries of the world. It has affected the economy of different countries. People are forced to wear mask and stay at home. It is surprising to know that some countries of the world are not passing through this hard time caused by this virus.

According to the latest Worldometer update, about 14,112,077 cases have now been recorded worldwide; with over 595, 685 deaths recorded. The virus have now been recorded in over 215 countries of the world.

However, it is surprising to know that some countries of the world are yet to record any single case of the virus. The table below shows the list of countries yet to record any case of the virus.About ten countries in the Oceanic continent have not recorded any case. Surprisingly, a country like North Korea is yet to record any case as well. Also in the list is Turkmenistan, a country from the Central Asia continent.

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