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Government Should Pay Civil Servants, Pensioners And Teachers Before July 20th,(Opinion).

The world has been in great dilemma since the outbreak of corona virus.

We all know that the corona virus has brought down many country's economy because of the shutting down of many many markets including some international markets,(opinion).

However, coming the case of Nigeria, we know that Nigeria has already been in economic recession before the outbreak of this corona virus in the world. So, what am trying to say is that Nigeria has been having economical problems and that has been affecting the citizens talk more of this period of corona virus,(opinion).

In my own opinion, I propose that civil servants, teachers and pensioners in Nigeria should be paid completely before 20th of July. My reason is because many business, industries, schools and so on, has been closed down due to corona virus in Nigeria, so those workers paid by the government should be paid immediately for effective circulation of money in the country,(opinion).

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