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"Epicentre of Epicentre" : Young people party in miami Beach despite covid-19 threat

Florida record-setting spike in covid-19 cases has not stopped visitors from partying in Miami Beach, which mayor, Dan Gelber, calls "The epicentre of epicentre".

While the fact that Miami is a tourist hot spot is typically positive, it's exactly the opposite at a time when the city has more than 69,000 cases, the most of any Florida county and more than twice as mush as neighbouring Broward, the next highest on the list.

Florida has recorded more than 77,000 cases in the past week alone and over 300,000 in all. The state - all on its own has more infections than the United Kingdom, Spain and many other countries.

Still crowds continue to gather on Ocean Drive and on Party Boats, and that is worrying because the surge in cases is straining the county's resources.

While authorities have been able to stop some promoted bar parties and may be able to shut down areas of the city, there are other party problems that are less easy to solve.

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