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Why is USA prohibiting Chinese from entering the U.S. when China has much less virus than the U.S.?

Diplomacy is generally reciprocal.

I don't see China allowing Americans into China anytime soon, given the US being the epicenter at the moment and the situation not really getting better. So reciprocally, the US wouldn't let Chinese in, even though China has been practically Covid-19 free for months now. In principle, policies run on the level of reciprocal…as China bans entry of US citizen, US Bans Chinese. In reality, believe or not, most Americans are on board with the crazy theory of China already has millions dead and the government is just hiding it

I don’t know how CDC has reasoned to reach its conclusion. But, to the point that China’s case number is mush smaller than the US’s, I wouldn’t give it much consideration to make a decision had I been working for CDC because Chinese government announced very few cases in early January and even accused the US shutting down flights to China in late January while letting infected people travel to all over the world.

CDC’s decision seems unfair by looking at the case numbers. But, when someone does not have a good credibility, it’s just impossible to ask others to take its words as truth, plus there have been reports of new cases day in and day out from China. Then again, communist China may be telling lies. We have no way of knowing how many Chinese are infected and if we open our doors to them again, they may unleash a more deadly virus

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