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COVID-19: Government Needs To Close Down Schools, Markets And Churches In These Nine (9) States

The government needs to be very proactive and ready to make strong decisions at this time in our country. Because, the number of COVID-19 infection cases as well the number of deaths recorded daily is increasing drastically, and if it continues like this, it might get to a very high figure by the end of this year.

One of the reasons why this is happening is because, Nigerians are becoming less and less concerned about the pandemic by the day. Moreso, they are becoming less aware of it as well, which is very risky for the safety of every citizen in the country.

People now move around and go about their daily activities, as well as violate COVID-19 preventive measures as though the pandemic is gone. It is thus the responsibility of the government to make sure that everyone is properly informed and well aware of the risks of contracting the virus.

Looking at the COVID-19 data for today, 643 cases were recorded across the states and six deaths were recorded as well. Which brings the total number of index cases recorded so far to This is very high compared to what we had when the spread of COVID-19 started earlier this year.

From the time when the national Lockdown was eased till now, the number of cases and death have increased unimaginably. Which mean that the eased lockdown has caused more harm than good, and it is the responsibility of the government and NCDC to ensure that the spread of the virus is stopped before it gets out of hand. 760 death is a big number, which means that 760 families in the country are grieving and mourning the death of their loved ones.

Hence, as a proactive measure, the government needs to close down certain activities in states that have recorded more than one thousand COVID-19 cases, in order to cut down the rate of infection as well as the death rate.

Basically, the number of people that are dying from COVID-19 is proportional to the number of people that are getting infected. Which means that the more people are getting infected, the more deaths that will be recorded. In other words, people die more in states with the Highest number of cases.

Hence in order to cut down the death rate due to COVID-19, the schools, markets and churches in these states needs to be closed down immediately. Schools, markets and churches are the major channels through which COVID-19 spreads because of the high rate of human contacts in these areas.

1. Lagos State: Lagos remains the state with the highest number of cases with a total of 12,941 cases so far.

2. Federal capital territory Abuja: FCT is the state with the second highest number of cases with 2738 cases so far.

3. Oyo State: Oyo has a total of 1951 cases so far.

5. Rivers State: Rivers has a total of 1427 cases so far

6. Delta State: the rise in the number of cases in Delta State is really surprising, and something should be done by the governor as soon as possible. Delta State has a total of 1398 so far.

7. Kano State: the number of cases in Kano state so far is 1318.

8. Ogun State: the rise in the number of cases in Ogun state is also surprising. The number of cases so far is 1132.

9. Kaduna State: so far, I think Kaduna state is doing well, comparing the number of cases recorded so far, one would have thought that by now the cases would have skyrocketed. So far, the number of cases in kaduna is 1067.

All these states have recorded more than one thousand cases of COVID-19, and looking at the mechanism by which it spreads, there is a very high possibility of experiencing a further spike in the number of cases and deaths in these states. Because COVID-19 spreads in a chain like manner exponentially.

When one person is infected there is a high chance of two people getting infected, and if those two are eventually infected, there is a chance of eight more people getting infected, it goes on like that.

Nigerians might not know this, but the only way to curb the spread of the virus is by imposing a lockdown, it might not be favorable but it is the best way to reduce the amount of people dying from COVID-19.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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