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Opinion: The secret of Government not reopening of school is in our hands

The federal government of Nigeria, has put stop to the education sector since late February due to the covid -19 pandemic that have struck the whole world.

There are many ways we have to look at the issue of government to u-turn the plan of not reopening the school across the state. Thou, most school may not have all the measures and equipment to be used for students coming to school. But since, government have enough capacity to give the school rules and set a committee on school reopening, which will monitor schools alone.

The committee can be set in across each state, or state government used the commissioner of education to be the head and have a free toll number in case of emergency.

The reason why the reopening of school is in our hands is that, most teachers teaching are not ready to go back to school, especially under government.

They are glad the school is not running and they are the major cause of this government should not reopening of school, thou it's my thought.

If government should just seize their salary for two months they will know what's going on.

I pity most married men and women working under the private sector of private school across the world. The enumeration is not something to be happy with, thou the situation around maybe for sometime but the suffering won't go away in their minds.

The destiny of the pupil is on our hands, we should know where to put our ball, the Covid-19 won't fade away like flames of fire.

The joy of every man kind is to be successful in life.

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