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Latest Price Of Rams As Sallah Is Approaching

As for Muslims, it is an annual occasion and celebration that use to take place ones in a year which slaughtering of ram can be considered as the main characteristics of the holy ceremony,it is a strong order directly from god (Allah) that who ever has the opportunity and slaughter a ram or rams will be rewarded according.

Each and every year,every Muslim is eager and willing to have the opportunity to slaughter a ram in order to be rewarded for it.There is a narrated that says any person that has the opportunity to slaughter a ram will be rewarded according to the total number of hair that are in that particular ram.

People are much afraid with the market price of this year's rams,if yo compared them with those years back there's much additional price.The sellers and marketers claims that the high price occurs due to some reasons beyond including the covid 19 pandemic that make the animals so scarce.

Let look down below for some rams and their prices.

Statistically,if you want rams like this you need to have about N70,000 to N150,000,

While few years back with N30,000 to N50,000 you can get them

The below one is the one with the lowest price here,estimated about N75,000

The below one estimated about N150.000,it might shock you seriously.

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