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This is Why Nigerian Medical Workers May Continue To Leave The Country Even As We Battle Covid-19

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with abundance human resources. Over the years, Nigerians and in particular, Nigerian medical professionals have continued to move out of the country in search of greener pastures. Recently, there were reports of some Nigerian health workers who tried leaving the country for the United Kingdom. But why are these health workers leaving their own country where their services are highly needed?

It is a well known fact that migration is influenced by two key factors which are known as the pull and push factors. The push factors are conditions in the place of origin or settlement which are mitigating against the persons progress or any unfavourable condition in such a place that makes the person to consider moving to a place that looks more promising. On the other hand, the push factors are those conditions in the olacenofndestinationnthat attracts the individual. This could be better living condition, better welfare packages, renumeration etc.

Considering the mass exodus of Nigerian Medical Workers who chose to migrate to the UK or any other country may have done so considering the working conditions for the medical workers in Nigeria when compared with that of their counterparts in the United Kingdom. Often times we hear about medical workers embarking on strike, protests over unpaid salaries and allowances and so on. Whereas in the UK, the government is taking measures to ensure the welfare of their health workers, payment are received on time and so on. With the UK looking more promising, one should not be surprised that our health workers are leaving the country for the UK.

Recently, the UK government came up with a policy to make it easier, cheaper and faster for health workers from other countries to migrate to the UK from August, whereas in Nigeria, it is the case of either strike or protest over unpaid salaries and allowances. If this issues are not resolved, Nigerian health workers may continue to move out of the country in search of greener pastures even when we are in a serious need of their services in the country.

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