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Good news as NCDC reveals that scientists are close to discovering a safe vaccine for coronavirus

On Monday the Nigeria Centre for disease and control (NCDC) tweeted that there is finally some good news regarding the fight to stop the spread of covid-19 world wide.

They said that scientists from Oxford University have made some good progress in the development of a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

According to the tweet, the phase 1 and 2 trials on volunteers have been successful but the researchers will be needing a phase 3 trial to be sure of the effectiveness of the vaccine on the covid-19 virus.

The above is the tweet by NCDC on Monday

The University of Oxford was the first to break the news as they revealed through their twitter account that Since January, Oxford researchers have worked on a Vaccine against coronavirus and finally they have reached a first milestone in human trials of the vaccine.

From the result the researchers published in the scientific Journal, Lancet, phase 1 results show the vaccine hasn't caused any unexpected ill-effects and that the vaccine produces a robust immune response in humans (the volunteers).

According to Prof Adrian Hill, he said: "We have two different types of immunity, one is well known, that is making antibodies which binds to the virus and tries to clear it and in the other, some white blood cells called T-cells can recognise a virus infected cell and kill that cell and the virus with it."

The next phase will be to find out if that immune response produced by the Vaccine in the phase 1 actually protects against covid-19 and how different age groups respond to the vaccine.

In other words this last phase of the trial will tell the scientists the required dosage for each age group but that will only be necessary if the vaccine proves to be effective in killing the covid-19 virus.

The good news is that the phase 3 of the trials are already underway as thousands of people have already volunteered and if the vaccine is found to be useful there will be massive production world wide.

This is really a good development as it will ensure that things fully return back to normal, with people free to go about their daily business are they used to.

But the truth is that globally there is lack of trust between countries as there has been some speculations in the past suggesting that some people wants to intentionally spread the virus.

So It will really be tough convincing some people to take the vaccine even after it has been confirmed to be useful, but this particular vaccine seem to be genuine since the researchers are making the process involved in the production available to the public.

What do you think about this new development?

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