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Impacts of Covid-19 on the life's of Nigerians

It all started as a mere talk, but now, it's now a reality to us all. The COVID-19 (Corona virus) which started in December 2019 in China, is not only an epidemic to the county China, but is now a pandemic to us all.

The previous lockdown has made us realise the importance of actually appreciating the things and people that we take for granted, but what it has taught us is the spirit of togetherness and giving a helping to others and helping where one can.

It has come to show us that money and material things are not as important as human life and caring for each other in times of need, it has shown how much greatness can come from working together and what it can do for a nation and community just by giving a helping where it is needed and wanted.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected day to day life and is slowing down the global economy. This pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, who are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease. The most common symptoms of this viral infection are fever, cold, cough, bone pain and breathing problems, and ultimately leading to pneumonia. This, being a new viral disease affecting humans for the first time, vaccines are not yet available. Thus, the emphasis is on taking extensive precautions such as extensive hygiene protocol (e.g., regularly washing of hands, avoidance of face to face interaction etc.), social distancing, and wearing of masks, and so on. This virus is spreading exponentially region wise. Countries are banning gatherings of people to the spread and break the exponential curve. Many countries are locking their population and enforcing strict quarantine to control the spread of the havoc of this highly communicable disease.

The spread of novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) in Nigeria continues to record significant increase as the latest statistics provided by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control reveal Nigeria now has 34,259 confirmed cases.

On the 15th of July 2020, 643 new confirmed cases and 6 deaths were recorded in Nigeria, having carried out a total daily test of 12,707 samples across the country.

To date, 34,259 cases have been confirmed, 13,999 cases have been discharged and 760 deaths have been recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. A total of 199,016 tests have been carried out as of July 15th, 2020 compared to 186,309 tests a day earlier.

COVID-19 Case Updates- 15th July 2020,

Total Number of Cases – 34,259

Total Number Discharged – 13,999

Total Deaths – 760

Total Tests Carried out – 199,016

COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, disrupted the world trade and movements. Identification of the disease at an early stage is vital to control the spread of the virus because it very rapidly spreads from person to person. Most of the countries have slowed down their manufacturing of the products. The various industries and sectors are affected by the cause of this disease; these include the pharmaceuticals industry, solar power sector, tourism, Information and electronics industry. This virus creates significant knock-on effects on the daily life of citizens, as well as about the global economy.

Presently the impacts of COVID-19 in daily life are extensive and have far reaching consequences. These can be divided into various categories:

. Healthcare

• Challenges in the diagnosis, quarantine and treatment of suspected or confirmed cases.

• High burden of the functioning of the existing medical system.

• Patients with other disease and health problems are getting neglected.

• Overload on doctors and other healthcare professionals, who are at a very high risk.

• Overloading of medical shops.

• Requirement for high protection.

• Disruption of medical supply chain.

. Economic stability

• Slowing of the manufacturing of essential goods

• Disrupt the supply chain of products

• Losses in national and international business

• Poor cash flow in the market

• Significant slowing down in the revenue growth

. Transportation

. limited transportation means

. limited number of passengers

. More safety measures in transportation i.e ( using of face mask 😷😷 in the bus)

. Restriction of movement across borders

. Mid night curfew.

. Socially

• Service sector is not being able to provide their proper service

• Cancellation or postponement of large-scale sports and tournaments

• Avoiding the national and international travelling and cancellation of services

• Disruption of celebration of cultural, religious and festive events

• Undue stress among the population

• Social distancing with our peers and family members

• Closure of the hotels, restaurants and religious places

• Closure of places for entertainment such as movie and play theatres, sports clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and so on.

. Education

• Postponement of examinations

. Closure of schools

. Postponement of external Examination (WAEC).

. Religion

. Limited number of worshipers 😷😷 in the church.

. Limited number of worshipers 😷😷 in the mosque.

So as to our well acknowledged citizens of Nigeria, we need to take precautionary measures in tackling the present tremendous complicated issue that we are presently facing so as to come out of this fight as one big family.

Content created and supplied by: Justiceibemere (via Opera News )

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