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NCDC Made It Clear That Physical Distancing Helps To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19, - See Reactions

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Ever since corona virus comes into our country, everything have changed. You have to avoid your friends just because no one wants to fall victim. You have to obey the rules of note going out.

The lockdown order was strictly obeyed because no one wants to be punished. If you disobey the order, you will be dealt with seriously. But now that covid-19 has come to pass, NCDC are still giving more updates on it. Before the coming of covid-19, we go to worship centre and pray. Nobody will be afraid of touching another person.

Now that covid-19 is gone, we are still told to maintain social distancing. To be frank, I don't even know what is social distancing until when corona virus was found.

How can you expect people to continue staying at home. Can you imagine that market places were opened and other business centres? But what happened that schools are still closed? I think something is behind this.

Do you think that social distancing will bring an end to this problem? We are to fight for our rights as human. No one should deprive us of our right to education and movement.

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