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Twenty times people took Face mask design to another level.

Due to the widespread of corona virus pandemic, know has Convid-19 all the world, which caused commotion all over the countries in the world where we are been told the causes of this deadly virus, and how to prevent it. It was said that this deadly virus spreads through touching, shaking or even hugging someone who has already contacted this virus, also according to World Health Organization (WHO), it was said that before you know or discover that a person has this virus, it will take up for twelve days be detecting, they said further, saying, the only prevention to this deadly virus is to, wash your hands regularly, using of hand sanitizer, applying social distance of about six feet to the other person, avoid handshake or hugging, and last but not the least using of face mask. 

But when talking about the using of face mask, that we are been urge to wear to prevent us from the deadly virus, but many people nowadays have turned these face masks thing into another level with different kinds of face masks designs. Below are the twenty times people took face masks design to another level :

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