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'Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children Could Die In Africa Due To Lack Of Immunization

Researchers in the UK and Switzerland say the risk of corona virus should not be underestimated from time to time. The researchers used a computer-based calculator to compare the prevalence of corona virus in all 54 African countries.

Based on the prevalence worldwide, the statistics estimate that 60% of the population will be infected with COVID-19, a condition that will disrupt health care services for at least six months.

The study found that continued immunization campaigns against diseases such as measles and hepatitis could lead to an additional 8,000 deaths from cholera.

However, researchers say there is a high risk to the lives of young children due to discontinuation of immunizations, a phenomenon that could lead to the death of 700,000 children.

Vaccines prevented at least 10 million deaths between 2010 and 2015, and many millions more lives were protected from illness. The global push to end polio has reached its final stages, with just 3 remaining countries still working to eradicate this debilitating disease. The ambitious Global Vaccine Action Plan to reach everyone with vaccines by 2020 started strong but is falling behind. WHO challenges all health leaders to make immunization one of the biggest success stories of modern medicine.

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