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Prostitute Fears For Her Life As She Has Been Out Of Business For Seven Months Due To Covid-19.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in December 2019, government all over the world have declared social distancing and a ban on visiting public places.

A lot of people have lost their jobs and are now struggling for ends meet.

A person shared her story today which i will also like to share with us. 

Her name is Estelle Lucas. She has worked in Melbourne as an escort for the past 10 years. During this time, she said that she had been carefully building relationships with her clients. But because of the corona virus, there was declared a need for social distancing. There by, making the government place a ban on prostitution. Estelle is now worried all her 10 years efforts will go to waste.

Here are a few of her statement

"It's fair to say that if I'm not working for six months, a lot of people are going to forget me. I can't contact my clients and just have a conversation with them. That doesn't work in my industry. We need to build intimacy and that's just not possible in the current environment."

" I fear if things continue like this, then I will run out of money "

 Estelle mentioned that she was earning an above the average income before the arrival of the corona pandemic. She was hoping to pay off the mortgage on her home in Melbourne as soon as possible even though she was doing a dirty work. Unfortunately, she mentioned that nearly all of her hard earned income has been lost. 

She said she tried to move her business online, but things are not looking good. 

But we all know she's not the only one with problems with finances. The pandemic as caused a lot of people to do unreasonable things too. An innocent man also said for him not to starve he had no choice than to sell his stark pictures online to put food on table for his family. 

Our dear government should try to find a solution to this issue before hunger starts killing her citizens. And if this continues for long, there might be an increase even in crime rates. 

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