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"I Have Cure for HIV and Coronavirus", a Doctor in Enugu Claims

I was going through a popular newspaper published by the catholic church of Enugu when I stumbled on this article.

He is claiming to have the cure for HIV and also the novel Coronavirus. A closer look at the headline, you will see where he demands that they give him affected patients and see them healed. He is also asking for government support and sponsorship.

Well, if his claims are correct, then it will be a massive breakthrough for Nigeria at large. It will mean a lot to the world owing to the fact that these two viral diseases have been a hard nut to crack for a long time.

However, some experts believe he is just making claims for public recognition.

From my own view, even if he has the cure it must follow due process as by the NCDC. If he had drugs for these diseases, it must undergo clinical trials before it should be administered to anyone.

For him to get the government's attention, he needs to work with some experts first and share knowledge with them. To me, combined voices will be heard more than a single one.

Do you think there is a possibility of him having the cure for these deadly viruses?

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