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If there is no defined cure for COVID-19 yet, we can learn to live harmless with it (OPINION)

In my own opinion, Covid-19 is best fought with by following measures laid down by medical expects. Untill now, a defined cure for the deadly virus (covid-19) is yet to be found. Government and health workers have played well at least finding measures to counter the pandemic even if there is no cure yet. With these measures, the uninfected can at least stay safe. But the only downside in my own opinion is that government are not helping concerning the sectors of the economy.

The effect of this pandemic is becoming a threat to the citizen and sectors. This is my exact concern, the educational sector of the economy is gradually deteriorating due to the the effect of the total shut down. It is glaring that student are losing interest in formal education and they are being told to learn some handwork. It should not be surprising, this is the actual state of economy now. There seems to be no hope, hope of reopening of schools and the pandemic is very much active!

Also, religious activities are being suspended which has caused many people's moral instinct to be weak. It is not surprising how the rate of rape and other vices is on the increasing side.

As a citizen and according to my duty to Nigeria, I will beseech the present adminstration to consider the reopening of school and other activities of the economy. Covid-19 prevention measures are already in place and I believe are being followed by the good citizen of the country and should be enforced the more and practiced in all sectors of the economy.

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