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(Opinion) The effects of the closure of all educational institutions

The entire globe was thrown into a disarray as the year 2019 was coming to an halt and early 2020.

A virus discovered to originate from China called Corona virus was the cause of this disarray.

Nigeria through its borders and unmindful entry procedures confirmed the first case of this virus on the 25th of February 2020.

Nigeria is the first Sub Saharan country to discover a patient who happened to be an Italian citizen.

The federal government constituted a committee in form of a task force called presidential task force to monitor this pandemic and the task force was headed by the secretary to the government (Mr Boss Mustapha) The taskforce which also has a member of the ministry of health, education and other sectors approved the closure of schools on the 19th of March 2020 due to safety reasons.

The effects of the closure of all educational institutions has a negative impact to the all round development of all Nigerian students.

Unfortunately,some students are at the verge of completing their final year exams but the indefinite closure has rescheduled their prospects and some are even planning for their common entrance and WAEC exams.

The educational system is a key for development in every developed country as any nation that develops her educational system will surely be great in all positive ramifications of life. Thus, the educational system has been destabilized by the indefinite closure and made the prospects of the Nigeria students to be rescheduled.

This closure has caused a great harm and is still causing more presently and will still cause more because most tertiary institutions just resume school before the lockdown commenced and on resumption they may be asked to start their exams immediately. Exams that were not adequately prepared for and this will cause a total mass failure thus releasing some set of students that seems unserious to the labour market.

The issue of rape from February to June is at an increasing and high rate . An idle hand they say is the devil workshop ..Some set of wicked individuals use this platform to commit rape and this is causing a hunchback and stump to the economy .Unwanted pregnancy is at an increasing rate as some set of unconcerned students use this as an avenue and opportunity to commit themselves into sexual list..

Many females students has been put in the family way because of unwanted pregnancy while the boys has turned to drug addict and pickpocketers since they believe being out of school is an opportunity for them to do so. 

The government should look into reopening of schools soon to avoid the youth wasting their lives

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