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New UK policy makes it easy for Nigerians to travel to the UK. Read more details here

The United kingdom, yesterday, announced a new policy called Health and Care Visa policy which is poised to attract best health practitioners in Nigeria and the world at large.

Most countries in the world, including the United Kingdom, in the wake of the novel Coronavirus stopped insuring of Visa and opened the migration window for care professionals, social workers and their families to increase the force of the NHS; National health service.

The health and Care Visa policy makes traveling to the UK cheaper, quicker and easier for healthcare professionals starting from August.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “We are indebted to overseas health and care professionals for their tremendous contributions, not just in saving thousands of lives throughout this crisis, but for the vital role they play year-round”.

She added that the Health and care professionals from all over the world have played a vital role in hospitals and care homes across the country fighting coronavirus.

Statistics shows that most health workers in Nigeria migrate to the UK as over 4000 Nigerian doctors are currently residing and working in the UK.

It further said that the legislation needed to open this new route would be laid in Parliament and health professionals would be able to apply from August.

This is good news for Nigerians has, from August, professional in the health sector can move to the UK seeking for greener pastures at a cheaper, quicker and easier way.

What do you think about this?

should our doctors leave or stay?

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