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New Words Has Just Been Added To The Dictionary, Know Them Now. [July Update]


The OED is updated on a quarterly basis, and the updates make up the Third Edition of the OED. The material added to the dictionary includes revised versions of existing entries (which replace the older versions), and new words and senses both within the alphabetical sequence of revised entries and also across the whole A to Z range.

The impact of Covid-19 on our lives and our language is an ongoing story. As we learn more about the nature of the virus and the social impact of the pandemic, the associated vocabulary changes, and the terms themselves change in meaning and usage. 

This is the second OED update to cover linguistic developments relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once again, this falls outside of the usual quarterly publication cycle, and once again these new and updated entries are being made available free to all at OED. COM

As well as many new and newly familiar terms, they have also revised a number of relevant terms which were already in the OED but have assumed added meaning or significance in 2020

See The New Words;

You can also check it out via the link below

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