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Reasons Why Nigerian Goverment Should Help Fix the Plight of Private School Teachers

In this Covid-19 era, human race is currently experiencing excruciating losses in all known areas of humanity.

Many are losing jobs, many private companies are closing down,many are losing loved ones to the virus and to circumstances tied down to the virus.The list is endless.

Developing countries such as Nigeria is worst hit by the pandemic, economically, socially, medically, educationally and what have you?

Meanwhile, in the education sector here in Nigeria, government teachers are smiling home with their monthly salaries while most private teachers are getting nothing.The school owners claim that school fees to pay salaries are not forthcoming.

Moreover, the parents and guardians are arguing that Covid-19 has negatively impacts on their financial standing, hence they can't pay school fees more so that the learners are on forced holiday.

These are the reasons the government intervention is needed on the plight of these categories of teachers:

1) Like their counterparts working under the government employment, they too pay taxes used in paying government workers

2) They are equally moulders of the future of the learners and the country

3) They need to feed themselves and family.They need to buy data to be able to educate students on-line

4) Many can no longer pay house rents and meet other financial needs.Many can no longer afford to fuel their generators for computer based virtual classes due to dwindling resources and skyrocketing fuel prices.

5) They are equally graduates that deserve good treatment by the government like their counterparts in other countries

6) Their moral and commitment to service are vital to every sector of the country

7) Learners need their services now that terminal exams such as WAEC,NECO,JSSCE and Common Entrance are around the corners

8) They need prompt intervention to prevent exodus to other countries which will lead to shortages of teachers

9) Teachers exodus abroad will lead to increased illiteracy and many social vices.

10) Mr.President down to the least of professionals are products of teachers' services

Finally,we can not afford to mortgage the future of our children and dear country,hence, let the authorities, private individuals, companies and "money bags" join hands together to help our patriotic teachers.

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Content created and supplied by: OREKOYA (via Opera News )

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