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COVID-19 Pandemic: I Regret Being A Private School Teacher.

COVID-19 Pandemic: I Regret Being A Private School Teacher.

It's been over three months, I have been at home without working and earning monthly salary as a private school teacher.

Since the lock down of schools began as a result of the widespread of the novel coronavirus in the country, things have not remained the same for me and my family.

As a private school teacher who cannot make monthly earnings again as well having a family, it is really becoming unbearable again. 

Our school Proprietor has refused to lend hands support nor share palliatives for workers.

However, if I am to be asked right now, i sincerely made the wrong choice by becoming a private school teacher.

It is really frustrating seeing our public school teachers counterparts earning their monthly salaries while at home without working. 

I cannot just help it any longer seeing a grown up man like me not able to take care of my family. I kept being dragged by my wife and children on a daily basis.

Lot of attempts have been to secure home coaching classes but most parents are scared of entertaining visitors. 

Lastly, different attempts have been made on organizing online classes but has been ineffective.

Can you please advise me on what to do?

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