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Memes which will Make your Day-wise Boyeeh

Laughing and happiness will make you to live longer and prevent you from diseases such as depression.

Laughing is the best way to make you life easy and forget all your problems. Smile and live longer. You don't know how tomorrow will be. Enjoy while you are a life. Be happy always. Avoid stress. Don't let people limits your joy.

Do what other people think you can't. Do what makes you happy You are the major general of your life. Avoid stress and live longer. Don't be afraid of Corona virus. It will vanish before the end of April holiday. I hope high school students are revising for mocks exms. Cabbage flower is the best flower ever. If you give your girl a cabbage flower she will never leave you. I know many people have never seen a cabbage flower😁😁For those who have watched 'moneyheist'4 we are in somber mood because we lost Nairobi(Nai-robary)

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