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Debate: Covid-19 Vs Hunger-20, Which Is More Deadly?

There's this popular story in the Bible of four lepers who couldn't go out of their city because it was under siege by the sorrounding enemy nation. The result of this siege was hunger and starvation until a day came when they said to themselves, "if we stay here we'll die of hunger and if we should go out to face the enemy we'll also die". Then they made a choice out of the two options which brought a solution and made them to live and not die. ( You might have heard or read about it before).

Let's just say the sorrounding enemy nation in this case is COVID-19 and the result of being under the lockdown is Hunger. 

In most places in Africa and some other continents, it seems that while the people are indoors on lockdown away from the Covid-19, its running mate, Hunger-20 seems to be infecting the majority instead, mostly those having private businesses and also having only one stream of income. Thus, making it look like the story we shared, I see it as running from the Covid-19 into Hunger-20

The big question is: Which is more deadly?

Propose if Covid-19 is more deadly and the Lockdown is to be encouraged.

Oppose if Hunger-20 is more deadly and the lockdown should be totally called off in your country with precautionary measures.

Your opinion counts.

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