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Covid-19: Using Face Shield Alone is Not Enough. Ghana Medical Association Warns.

Ever since the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic , the world has not been the same. The virus which originated from China took the world by surprise with how fast it spreads.

Today, the Corona Virus has spread to almost every part of the world including Nigeria with many loosing their lives to the virus.

The Use of Face Mask and Shield

There is hardly anyone in Nigeria now, who has not heard of Covid19. Even my aged mum in the village seldom calls, trying to give me more information about it (Smiles).That is how informed people are athe virus.

From the onset, the use of face mask has always been one of the most prescribed ways of preventing the person to person transmission of the virus.

Not long after, Face shields were also introduced. Many people feel much more comfortable with the use of face shield in place of face mask, maybe for easier breathing or comfort. According to them, face shield prevent splashes but may not be as effective in the prevention of the virus.

However in a press release by the Ghana Medical Association and The West African College of Surgeons (Ghana Chapter), they strongly advise of the danger of using face shield alone without a face mask.

Please note that, the use of face Shield while also wearing face mask gives better protection.

Stay safe and keep safe.

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