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School Resumption: August Should Be The Final Month For School Resumption Or Else (Opinion)

Schools have been shutdown for over 3 months now and students and teachers are already loosing hope for the resumption of school this year, after resumption date was earlier announced but cancelled few days after announced, due to the rise in covid 19 cases.

This has also demoralized those students writing exams this year from reading frequently because they don't know when the examination will be written, and there are no more class activities, so reading is very hard for students.

For the fear of failure for those writing exams (the SS3, JSS3 and Basic 6) , and also dull brains of upcoming students, the Nigerian government should re-open schools either in July or August.

If not July, then August should be the final month for school resumption, or the educational sector will suffer a big blow in three ways:

1. Having a Scattered Scheme/School Year

As you can see already, the expected time for reopening and closure of schools has been scattered, and it's really a big case to rearrange things and to also move the students along, any more delayed time will result to more damages and scattered schemes.

2. Students will become lazy in school activities

Nowadays, students spend more time on social media, since they have been less busy for over 3 months, they are always online, posting pictures and chatting, if they get addicted to it, then it surely make them extremely lazy in school activities, the government should do something.

3. Failure to exam candidates

Sorry to say this, many students might fail this year because of lack of being in a school and also reading, for them to revise and be sound again, it takes a lot of hardwork.

Nigeria government should take a decision on the reopening of schools, to avoid things to affect the future of the country.

What are your opinion on this, drop below.

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