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25 Million COVID-19 Cases Reported In Iran

The second phase of Coronavirus is ravaging the world and the Islamic Republic of Iran is also facing the sourge in the Coronavirus cases.

The President of Islamic Republic of Iran shocked the world when he reported that 25 million people in Iran had been infected by Coronavirus making it larger than the cases recorded across the world.

The Islamic republic of Iran official record of Coronavirus is 269,400 and the virus has killed over 14,000 people in the Iran.

The recent statement of the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani was shocking when he revealed to the world that about 25 million Iranians are infected with another 35 million people having the possibility of contacting the virus.

The President of Iran made this known during a televised Coronavirus taskforce meeting on Saturday. This mark the first time a senior official of the Iranian government will address the number of infected people in Iran.

The number cannot be contested since it is coming directly from the President of Iran. The official number recognized by the World Health Organization may be contested with the recent dissipation in the number of Infected people in Iran.

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