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Health Benefits Of Jatropha Tangorensis Popularly Know As "Hospital Too Far" In Nigeria

Alot of persons see this leave but they do not know the health benefits of Chaya leaves as it's called in English.

Today we would get to know and understand the health benefits of this herbal leaves.

Jatropha Tanjorensis popularly known as "Hospital Too Far" belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae, its English name is "Chaya"leaves then the local name is "Efo iyanapaja". Its grown in the tropics including Africa,India,and Bahamas. The flowers are greenish while the sepals are broadly detoid. It can be grown on local places and on waste lands.

In Nigeria, "Hospital Too Far" can be found growing in homes around and even farms without planting. It's a natural plant but if you feel you want to have it grown in your home you could also plant.

What Are The Health Benefits Of "Hospital Too Far" Leaves.

1. It increases your blood level, because it contains enough Hemoglobin. Wash the leave squeeze and filter the content, pour the juicy content in a glass cup and add Hollandia yoghurt to it then drink. You would see the rate at which your blood level would rise drastically.

This is a picture of how the end product looks like, but you have to add Hollandia yoghurt to it, so it could taste better.

Gives a healthy body: These leaves helps to give the body its healing through its extract. It boosts your body system to function properly.You drink the extracts from the leaves to maintain a healthy body. It works really fast, so if you want to have a healthy body, drink a glass of the extract of Hospital Too Far morning and night, it works wonders.

3.Curing Rheumatism: This disease is caused by lack of exercise. It's a disorder of the muscles, tendons, joints, bones, nerves, characterised by pains discomfort and disability. Hospital Too Far extracts can be taken to help cure this illness because it contains flavonoid, anti oxide, protein, calcium, and potassium which are helpful to cure the illness. You may cook with the leaves or better still boil the leaves with cups of water and drink regularly, have your testimonies in few weeks.

4.Easy Defecation: This leaves helps to relieve us from strong defecation, it smoothens the defecation process. If you have constipation drink the extract of this leave you will be fine. It stimulates your digestive system which then helps to smothen the excretory system.

5.Heals us from Fever: With the rate at which people fall sick during this covid19 season, you wouldn't want to wait to be a victim before you take care of your immune system. This leave helps in a faster curing of fever. The leave is rich of natural anti oxide and cold sensation to cure the fever. Its advisable for parents to give their children this natural medicine because kids tend to have low immune system, so they are exposed to having fever easily. But with this drink it reduces the rate of children falling sick.

6. Increases Men's Vitality: This medicinal herb helps in increasing men's vitality.

How To Use Hospital Too Far Leaves.

Firstly wash properly, then squeeze the leave with a glass of water very well to get the juicy content, seive out the particles, then pour in a glass cup for better consumption.

Note: Do NOT keep the juicy content for long it works faster when its fresh.

Pictures of the leaves.

Jatropha Tanjorensis has other benefits, but for now these are the main 6 benefits of Hospital Too Far.




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