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The stress of Banking due to corona virus pandemic

As people go out for their daily business so also most organizations reopened after the lifting of lockdown, many citizens have decided to rush to the bank for financial transactions that were either suspended or pending before and after the lockdown.

I went to the Bank today to do some withdrawal since all the POS agent along my street complained of bad network, but to my greatest surprise the crowd at the Bank was so much that the security didn't allow them to enter into the Bank.

They locked the entrance gate and started calling people inside one by one. But my question was how will they attend to all these crowd inside the compound not to even mention the once locked outside.

If this is how banks are going to look like continually this period it means it won't be easy. Unless you go very early morning to take a number, you won't get to transact till closing.

Take a look at the following picture's but the question is when will all this end ? Or will it end very soon or not! This is what people keep asking everyday because the number of infected persons is increasing on daily bases. How long are we going to endure this hardship that is almost looking like a normal way of life especially in this part of the world.

when we were younger we never think of things tuning out this way at this point in life, but we cannot question nature because everything has been predestined before hand. Almost all the banks have resulted to fixing a canopy and arranging chairs inside for their customers to seat on whenever they come to their bank for transactions, and you will need to wait for it to get to you before you can go in.

i ment a heavily pregnant friend of my that also came for withdrawal and she was looking so tired and stressed, she was seriously sweating under the hot sun and no bony even looked at her to assist her. Not infill I came before we could get a seat for her to seat.

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