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Will You Believe A Woman Spent 20 Years Making Skin Creams In Her Kitchen?

This is article is to serve as motivation to everyone of us. There are some billionaires quote that will leave you thinking and not just think but which will provoke you into action.

Here are some of them.

1. If you believe in something, sell it hard.

Estée Lauder spent 20 years making skin creams in her kitchen and selling them to small shops. She was told repeatedly that, a woman couldn't build a business.

Many laughed at her, for giving away free product samples to customers. It was as if she was doing giveaway like mist celebrities are doing now, especially on the social media.

She mad the last laugh, by the 1990s, one third(1/3) of all cosmetics sold in the US, bore her name and she became the richest self-made woman on earth. Is this not incredible? If you believe in something, sell it hard.

2. Life is too short yo stay broke:

Due the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have loss a lot of money, many are already broke. But one thing for sure is that, this life is too short to stay broke, so therefore, we should pick up something and start doing.

Whenever you feel like quitting your hustle and staying idle, remember that expecting something no matter how small it is, is better than expecting nothing.

3. A mistake can cost you millions. But a lesson learnt can bring back billions:

It marveled me when I read that a man tried for 99 times before producing the today light build. For every mistake he made, something new came up until it came as he wanted even beyond his expectations.

Do let live you life by the mistakes you made but rather we should live our lives by the lessons learnt from the already made mistakes.

3.4.5. If the plan doesn't work. Change the plan but never the goal.

6. Money is a tool, not the goal. Freedom is the goal.

7.Impossible is just a word.


Not until you study in the best school or university before success awaits you. When you become successful, many may never ask about the school you school in.


I have nothing to say about this, only what I can say is, think about it. When you think, I believe your brain should give the right interpretation to the above statement.


Many are unwilling to leave their comfort zone, many are still very comfortable with average. When we remain where we are without any effort of moving forward, I am sorry to say that, we will continue to live an average life. Leave your comfort zone!!!


Many of us, always have enough excuses to make when we go wrong. When ever we make mistakes, we should take note of them and learn something new from the mistake.

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