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I Prefer Receiving 33K NYSC Allowance Than Passing Out, Ex-Corper Cries Bitterly (Picture)

Ex-Corper Cries Bitterly, Says She Prefer Receiving 33K NYSC Allowance Than Passing Out (Picture).

Many National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) fresh graduates have been thrown into confusion and frustrated by the current situation of the country, Nigeria.

Many are being warned before hand about the impending loom of lack of employment even after getting their school and NYSC certificates which implies that both don't guarantee automatic employment for them.

To some youths, schooling is seen and termed as "Scam" which means there is no point of going to school since there is no automatic employment waiting for them after school unless you have a skill sets.

Upcoming generations now see the Nigeria's Education as *scam* which has become street language for our Educational System.

There is a trending video and pictures of a former youth corper who just passed out has gone viral on different social media platforms after she cried out that she doesn’t want to pass out, according to her, she said she preferred the thirty-three thousand (33,000) monthly allowance she was getting than entering into the labor market. The lady who put out the display when she went to collect her discharge certificate.

Many believe she is scared of not getting a job after her service, together with the effect of Coronavirus.

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