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4 Topics To Quickly Revise For WASSCE Candidates Offering Mathematics

Following the Federal Government's decision on the reopening of schools to enable the exiting classes to take their final examination starting from August 17, 2020. Various schools have began to dust their classrooms after four months of unexpected closure due to measures to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the vital topics from where questions are most likely to come from especially in the theory section to guide you on areas to quickly revise with your students.

The closure of schools halted all physical teaching and learning activities, thereby making some digitally organized schools to resort to virtual learning. However, the uniqueness of physical classroom learning cannot be overemphasized because of the numerous challenges like network instability, poor students who cannot afford devices for e-learning, lack of concentration of most students during online classes and so many other reasons made the virtual method grossly inefficient. In fact, you would agree with me that the larger population of secondary school students who attend public schools were totally cut off from the system during the lockdown, even though efforts were made by some state ministries of Education to hold classes on radio and television, but these proved ineffective because it cannot reach all targeted audience as many students don't even have radio or television set.

Considering the short period of time between the resumption of schools and the commencement of the West African Senior Schools Certificate Examination, there is no doubt that most teachers might be worried about how to cover the lost ground on the curriculum to improve the performance of candidates. Here are topics you can quickly go through:


You would agree with me that there has never been an examination year when questions did not show up from statistics. Therefore, quickly remind them how to calculate Mean, Median, Mode, Mean Deviation, Variance and Standard Deviation for both grouped and un-grouped data. Emphasis should also be laid on Cumulative frequency curve and histograms.

Quadratic Equations & Its Graph:

Help them recall how to solve quadratic equations by factorization, completing the square, formula method and most importantly how to plot the Graphs.


So many candidates might have forgotten how to use mathematical set equipment to construct angles, triangles, bisection of lines and angles, loci etc. It is wise to refresh their minds on that.

Equations & Sequences:

Honestly, I have not seen anyone who sat for WASSCE without facing questions on simultaneous linear equations, Arithmetic and Geometric progression. Hence it will be worth revisiting this area.

I wish all candidates the very best as the commence their exams in August.

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