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Nigerians May Still Face Some Challenges, Due to The Massive Use of Face Masks

Since the emergence of corona virus in the country Nigeria, it has been really quite challenging for the citizens to cope with it as the country has been in a very bad state for a while due to bad government and corruption.

All the citizens both business men, hawkers drivers government workers and students alike have experienced a very bad moments which began with the inter states lock down which put on hold most of the activities in the country and have also brought down the economy of the country.

The country have been doing everything possible to see that the deadly virus is stopped from further spread and have put in place most measures that will help people stay safe from the virus.

They have put in place most drastic measures to contain the virus which includes washing of hands, the use of sanitizers, the use of nose and face masksa etc, but my main area of concentration is on the use of face masks.

Nigeria is a country with high rates of kidnapping, stealing, armed robbery and terrorism among others. As there is not yet a cure or vaccine proven to completely cure the virus. The health community in conjunction with the government of Nigeria have made it compulsory for people to adapt the use of face masks so as to stay safe from the virus.

But the question is, is that the best option? Is there not the probability, tendency mad possibility that the use of face masks can cause yet another tension to the citizens due to how it appeared to look like.

Imagine a situation whereby a group of cultists who are dressed with black face masks and black caps attack people, is there anyway they can be identified and punished for the crime?

It is obvious that there are many gang groups and cultists in our schools most especially in our universities. Is the use of face masks not a way of providing a safe ground for them to operate on?

It is also highly agreeable that people are hardly identified while they are putting on their face masks. Will this not pose a great danger on the law enforcement agencies to get to know he who committed a crime due to the covering of face with masks?

I have taken my time to analyze this and have come to agree that, if face masks shall be made compulsory in Nigeria, then it may eventually become very cumbersome to all the citizens as they may be highly affected since the outcome will be highly detrimental to the citizens.

Content created and supplied by: Chukwukadibiameshach (via Opera News )

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