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If the Corona Virus came from an African country (like Nigeria), this would have been the case.

If the Corona Virus originated from another country – a less important one in the grand scheme of things (worse, an African nation) – the US, WHO, the UN and other world entities would show their "aboki" sides.

Remember the Ebola saga.

Citizens of that country wouldn't have immigration rights or residential liberties abroad for decades and they would be tagged reptiles or worse.

But China is the very fountain on which the economy of most countries in this world sits – even the "American dream" is built in China!

China is like the disrespectful younger brother in an African family who travelled abroad, saw civilization first, made money and joined the Mafia; a brother who now disgusts the entire home but can't be ignored because he finances the family; everybody hates his vile tendencies and would actually love to get rid of him, but if they dare to, who brings in the money, who pays the bills, who flies other siblings abroad and who makes the calls that get people out of difficult situations?

That's how important China is to the world today: your cellphones, smartphones, advanced medical equipment, transportation systems, telecommunications industry and basically 60-83% of every household appliance, gear and fittings come from China.

Again, there are not many countries in this world with half (or even a quarter) of the military sophistication resident in China.

The multiplier effect of harrasment to China (which would be retaliated by a combined military force of more than 1.4 million active-duty men and women bearing exceeding weapons of war) would cascade into a world struggle.

Yes. They are that good!


Make yourself relevant,

even the law will bend around you

As you were!

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