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Meet The European President Who Shops and Joins Queue in Regular Stores

Comparing African leaders and their counterparts abroad, especially European leaders makes one very sad.

While our leaders here openly display ostentation and disdain for the people whose common wealth they pilfer so recklessly, European leaders are understated in their lifestyle and relationship with the people. Whereas African leaders...Nigerian leaders specifically treat the people as subjects who must worship them and carry on like kings and emperors, blasting sirens, shielded by bodyguards, they generally distance themselves as far as they can from the masses who elected them into office.

Nigerians are often surprised to see presidents of other countries, using public transportation such as trains and buses, strolling on the street unencumbered by bodyguards and aides, or as it happened recently, with the picture of a leader standing in a queue in a supermarket, wearing his face mask uploaded in the internet.

The president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was pictured standing in a queue, waiting his turn at the counter in a supermarket in Cascias only thirty minutes from the capital city, Lisbon.

The image which has been widely circulated, shows that the president conforms to the rules of orderliness in public places and social distancing due to the COVID-19 and never fails to display it. He had indeed been captured before in another supermarket, shopping alone.

His annual salary income is:

€93,364.74 (€6,668.91 monthly)

While per capital income of Portugal is above $200, that of Nigeria is below $1 putting Nigeria in the extreme poverty ranking.

When will our leaders learn humility and servitude in place of worshipping and high handeddness? 

Content created and supplied by: TheRealMojiDanisa (via Opera News )

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