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3 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 5000 Naira In Nigeria!

Nowadays, social media begging has a taken a turn for the worst after COVID-19 hit the country as many individuals are left idle and jobless.

While many are struggling to feed due to the loss of a job, there are a few lucrative businesses many can do to sustain themselves.

These businesses come with low capital and over time, if successful in building good and steadfast customers, the profits would be worth it.

Most of the business is enjoyed basely on the rate of turnovers, so it’s essential to have enough sales and that can be achieved by going out to talk to people about what you do.

1.      Groundnut business

Groundnut business is very lucrative, with less than 5000 or 5000 you can have your fresh groundnut and containers. For sales, you can supply provision stores, supermarkets, and mallams with kiosks and those sell individually. It’s a daily essential and the good thing is it’s not perishable.

2.      Chin-Chin:

With less than 5000 naira you can start a mini Chin –Chin Business. A paint of Flour is 1800, sugar per cup is 450, butter is 250 each, eggs are cheap. With the nylon package, it can be approximated to 5000 naira. Chin-chin is what a lot of people snack on, it has no age limit. you can make it of different sizes, different quantities for different prices, and can be distributed to places I mentioned above.

3.      Fruit business:

Fruit is a daily essential for many, and it’s a business that would always be on-demand. With 5000, you can start a watermelon business. All you need is to find a space in front of your house, mount a table, and sell. Your neighbors who see this would patronize you and it’s a matter of time before the business expands. You can buy a medium watermelon in the market for 200 or 250 and sell for 450. Calculate how much profit you will make if you sell more a day.

 These businesses might not give you huge money immediately but if you are consistent and willing and hardworking, you would be satisfied with the proceeds. It’s better than begging online, hard work pays.



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