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Say Goodbye to Dry Cough with this 2 Simple Home made Remedy.

Experience they say is the best teacher!, if you have ever ever experienced dry cough, then you will be glad you came across my article today.i have been using this methods and it's has always worked for me and also for the family and friends I have shared it with. Cough can be very embarrassing especially when you are in the midst of people or on board a public transit. The moment you Cough all eyes will be on you, the worst part is the person next to you or sitting close to you trying to avoid you like a plague. I Know you have experience this before or have reacted towards some one like this before. I have reacted like this before and trust me some times we do unconsciously. This is because we be believed that coughing is a sign a deadly or communicable disease.

 These period or era of covid19 made it worst that one can no longer cough in peace in Nigeria, because if you do everybody around you Will tear race while others will abuse you verbally. coughing naturally is an embarrassing ailment or illness or an unpleasant experience that should not happen to anyone, and that's why I have come to show you a practical way to get rid of it with in three (3) days. 

 I have two methods to show you or write about, so seat back and relax and learn and put into practice and stay healthy.

1' the first method;

you will need 

1. dried ginger,

2. cloves,

3.sweetner eg honey or sugar (optional)

wash the ginger and the cloves and poud them together. not too smooth though, you can even tie it in a lether bag or cheese cloth and use a pistol or any heavy object to hit it to break it to more pieces

The next thing is pour into a pot, add water to boil, after boiling, poor in a your tea cup and take while still hot. if you can't take it that way, add sugar or honey . you can also take this a tea, it's very nice, add some milk and your tea is ready. take it 3 times a day and say goodbye to cough. 

 Note: if the first water you added finish add more water anytime you want to boil it again and you can use as long as the water is still strong and brown .

2; the second method, you need the following:

 1. Bitter cola, 

2. pure or natural honey.

 Roast the bitter cola, pill off the skin or bark and pound it very well, add honey and mix very well,

take one teaspoon morning and night and say goodbye to cough.

see steps below;

this methods have worked for me, my family and friends and I know it will work for you too.

Thank you and don't forget to share this

information with your loved ones on Facebook or any platform of your choice, you may save a life.

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