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Smile with these 30+ memes.

We all love memes. Memes are a major factor of things that makes us smile while we ate using our devices on the Internet. Apart from music, video babes games, and others, we have been blessed with memes. Now for those who are new to memes this is how memes work; You read them to understand or interpret them. Memes can only be funny to you if you know what's it's about or when you can relate to it. So if you come across a meme that is on a topic or issue you don't know, then there's a chance you might not find it funny.

Let's get down and start smiling shall we?

Firmino has been tabled. But think about it Liverpool really covers for some players though.

This is one for the wrestling fans. We never saw this coming. Who knew? R-Truth of all people

No had feelings Manchester united fans but it's true

If know this song you are awesome!

Lets not talk about this right?

One of my favorite but seriously sometimes Aubameyang shouldn't be going that his celebration.

Ronaldo fans think about this. Exclude his penalties.

This is for my precious Barcelona fans

We Barcelona are so awesome, i decided to add another one for the Lionel Messi fans

We can all painfully relate to this.

We Barcelona fans prefer not to speak

There's not a more accurate meme on the Internet. Messi is really the Greatest Of all time.

Another accurate meme.

let's not forget to say your prayers why did he have to take the boy such wickedness

And they say he is the most expensive defender

Ladiesb watch out for this hat trick

let's not say much about this oneso true but we can't come and kill ourselves

For my Penaldo fans

Yeah you deserve to be happy dear

seriously we have been making bad choices

Dirty hustle bring clean money

I swear mad

Please let's think about thissince i was born and now i am getting old

Please let's be guidedrop your caption in the commentplease learn to appreciate your parents they do a lot for uscome to think of it this is true

most importantly...

So with all these meme i really hope that somehow someway, I have been able to make someone out there smile. Please Feel free to ask any question in the comment section if your don't understand any one of the memes above or what's even better you can even drop your own.

This corona virus pandemic has really made the year 2020 one we will wish to quickly get through, and foget but please let us make the most out of the lockdown. Let's try and get a hobby, or write a book, start a business or even learn a skill.

This is a golden opportunity we might not get again. On the bright side, we get to be together with our families and do new things. Most importantly, let's not forget to wash our hands, use our nose masks in public, and please and please let's not leave our environment unless we really have to. Let's be safe and don't forget there's much love coming from my side.

Thanks for reading.

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