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What Teachers, Parents And Students Should Note On The New Guidelines For Reopening Of Schools


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It interest me to tell Nigerians that education lightens the world. 

Nobody could have ever taught that schools will be shut down for any reason. Market were also open, but then schools remained lockdown. There was high hope of reopening of schools. 

But it startled the minds of Nigerians when the FG said school remains close indefinitely.

It started like a joke in the month of March schools were shut down, NYSC members were sent out of camp it went on and market & Religious center were also shut down, and then the nation was on total lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic. The heart of Nigerians was restless as many Nigerians could not go out to work for their daily bread and get busy with their lives. 

The lockdown moved from phase 1 to phase 2 and so on as cases of Covid-19 patient continue to rise. Precautions and guidelines were brought by the FG on how to prevent Covid19 which are, washing of hands regularly, using of face mask, social distancing etc. Yhe FG care about the lives of it's citizens they advise we stay home and stay safe.

Within three months of the lockdown, civil servants were allowed to go to work from grade 9 to 13 to avoid overcrowding in offices. Religious center were also open for worship with certain conditions to come with face mask and observe social distance and also provide hand washing facilities. Nigerians were not happy with the recent development because if the most vulnerable place that is market would be open how more about schools that is well cultured and mannered?

FG has taught it wise not to fail Nigerians in educational aspect and they have brought guidelines for reopening of schools that could help reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Some of the guidelines are;

1. Ensuring that Adequate facilities are put in place by schools without placing the health, safety, and security of learners, teachers, administrators and other educational personnel at risk.

2. There should be a basic facility to fumigate and disinfect school premises and learning materials too. 

3. There should be decreased interaction that is learners may remain in one location with teachers coming to them.

4. Flexible schedule: lessons may be structured in a way that reduces the need for learners and staff to move between the different areas of the premises 

5. There should be safe distancing, learners should be supported to stay two meters apart. This requirement reflects current NCDC public advice at the time of writing, for example, classroom, dining halls, staff rooms, and offices should have sufficient space to allow two meters separation between all individuals.

6. Staggered Attendance, learners may arrive and depart at different times to avoid overcrowding. 

7. Planting, classes may be divided into morning and afternoon shift and many other guidelines.

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I write to urge Nigerians that are teacher's, parents, student and the public generally to adhere to the guidelines given by the FG in order for education to continue. There will be no light in the future of Nigerians if schools remain close.  It's our responsibility to stay safe, follow the guidelines and form a better Nigeria. 

I appreciate the FG for the guidelines brought to consider reopening of schools it shows they care about the well being of Nigerians.

Dear reader, I encourage our Nigerians to stay safe even while the school is yet to reopen, adhere to the guidelines and precautions for the sake of our health and betterment of Nigeria.

The hope of Nigerians is high and I pray that FG will give a stated date for reopening of schools as soon as possible. 

Long live Nigeria

Take responsibility and stay safe.

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