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You Have Been Wearing The Face Mask Wrongly, Here Is The Right Way to Wear It

Coronavirus is like a nightmare to every country in the world, there is no country that is not affected by this pandemic.

The scientist has been working round the clock to create the vaccine that will cure the deadly virus, but as at now, they have not been able to create the vaccines.

What countries all over the world are just doing is to take precautions. Precautions such as keeping distance, washing of hand regularly and wearing of face mask regularly.

I will reveal to you in this article on how to wear your facemask, after you are through reading this article, you will realized that you have been wearing your facemask wrongly.

I will highlight the DO’s and DON’Ts of wearing facemask

Let me start by highlighting the DO’s of wearing facemask below:

1. Clean your hands before touching the facemask

2. Inspect the facemask for domestic damage or if it’s dirty

3. Adjust the facemask to your face without leaving gaps on the sides

4. Cover your mouth, nose and chin

5. Avoid touching the facemask

6. Clean your hands before removing the facemask

7. Remove the facemask by the straps behind the ears or head

8. Pull the facemask away from your face

9. Store the facemask in a clean plastic, resealable bag if it’s not dirty or wet and if you plan to re-use it.

10. Remove the facemask by the straps when taking it out of the bag.

11. Wash the facemask in soap or detergent, preferably with hot water, at least once a day.

12. Clean your hands after removing the facemask.

Now let’s move to the DON’Ts of wearing facemask

1. Do not use a facemask that looks damage

2. Do not wear a loose facemask

3. Do not wear the facemask under the nose

4. Do not remove the facemask where there are people within 1 meter

5. Do not use a facemask that is difficult to breathe through

6. Do not wear a wet or dirty facemask

7. And lastly, do not share your facemask with others

Don’t forget that a fabric facemask can protect others around you but to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19, remember to keep at least 1 meter distance from others, clean your hands frequently and thoroughly, and avoid touching your face and facemask.

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