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Panic As Covid-19 Cases Sets To Hit 40000 In Nigeria


After news (although it was considered a rumour but it was uncleared since them) came that an Italian man brought in Coronavirus, the first person dropped and proved the spread was not to be taken lightly. Suleiman Achimugu, Former Managing Direct of Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC) died on March 23 and signals the government at an acre angle, sincethe deceased is a prominent citizen of Nigeria.

Closure of schools, market places, religious places, bars and fun centres we're among those things out in place to avoid the spread of the disease. Awareness started both online and offline with many offered in languages the public will understand. By this time, the mentality of some people about how coronavirus doesn't affect blacks and people living in warm regions are immunes, have been cleared.

Now the numbers of infected we try to stop made towards 40000. Panic has arisen and the hope dimmed. Questions are meant to be looked at and the people should be made to see things differently.

Why had there being higher cases even WHEN we follow rules?

Rural areas get less information about what's is happening in the outer world but the virus attacks without asking about one's ignorance before it acts. Most cases come from citizens disobedience and the larger parts come from people not tested. This set of people move about while infecting others. The funniest part is that when they die without being discovered, the victim's death will be termed a natural one.

Then why are domestic flights, interstate lockdown, markets opening and some other places considered?

Technically, many citizens complained of hunger and lack of foods. It was also added that the palliatives being distributed aren't up to a quarter of what they need. The government had too risk the health of its citizens, it was even agreed upon by many percentage. "If we don't get infected, hunger might kill us" was the outburst sentence.

When will school reopen and why did the federal government cancel WAEC for TeHIS year?

School reopening can't be predicted. The number is growing higher and the health of children are important. Unlike the adults who could speak out how their body performs, children aren't opportuned to do so. Before many doctors doesn't find it easy to discuss with children. Then we shouldn't allow such children to attend public places like a school.

WAEC cancellation in a closer view doesn't follow many people's thought but it should be made clear that budgeting has been done befor the pandemic. The requirements WAEC set down find it hard to sit on the existing ones. It might be said to be because of health issues but there are more to a back before it's called an hunchback.


We as citizens, see nothing except things the Government wants us to see. Those that were infected weren't mentioned neither their pictures were too. May we not write something that might let us end in jail

How should we solve the panic.

Nigerian are advised to look into self employment and get fund to survive through the people. School will reopen again sooner or later, but not our lifetime. There shouldn't be any panicking, all will be well.

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