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"Don't waste your time at home," see how you can turn your passion into profit.

Getting a job nowadays is quite difficult and the rate of unemployment is very alarming. Many employers are laying off their workers everyday due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses.

Online jobs are in great demands during this outbreak which creates great opportunity for anyone who wants to start an online business.

If you're part of those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic, online coaching is a business you can start from the comfort of your home with a little capital investment.

what you need to get started

1. Phone/laptop

2. Internet

3. Microphone

The following steps can be used to start a successful online coaching business:

1. Pick a niche.

The first step in building an online course business is to decide what you want to teach by combining your life and professional experience. Choosing a niche helps you to narrow down your focus and makes marketing very easy.

2. Research your market.

Validate your market demand and the relevance of your course to your audience, and also find out if they are willing to pay for your course.

3. Start building your audience

Use assets like facebook page, Facebook groups and blogs to create your audience.

4. Find out who your competitors are

It's important to know if someone is already offering your course online. Discover what they are doing that makes them stand out, their mistakes and weaknesses. This will give you a better advantage, instead of repeating the same mistakes they'll become a stepping stone to great opportunities for you.

5. Create and launch your course

You can create your course content with Microsoft word, Power point and covert them to PDFs when you're done.You can also create instructional videos with your phone.

6. Marketing.

Lastly, take advantage of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and market your course.

You can also start your online coaching business on these platforms:


2. Teachable

3. Educanium

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Stop thinking and start doing!

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