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Reactions, As Minister of Foreign Affairs said He has Corona Virus Today [Screenshots]

Reactions as Minister of foreign Affairs said he was tested positive for covid19 virus [Screenshots]

Today, another prominent man in the country has confirmed to the public that he was tested positive fro corona virus. He made this open on one of his social media handles, Twitter.

The minister said the result of his test came positive after the fourth time of test.

However, many people reacted to the sad news. Some wished him quick recovery while others just say their own mind. What ever be the case we wished our leader quick recovery.

In this article we've captured some of the reactions from people after the minister made such revelation about his health on his verified Twitter handle.

He sad: Did my fourth Covid-19 test yesterday at the first sign of a throat irritation and unfortunately this time it came back positive. That is life! Win some lose some. Heading for isolation in a health facility and praying for the best.

This are he reactions he got:

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