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COVID 19: Fresh battle looms as schools resume

The novel coronavirus has kept students away from schools since March 2020. To many, it has been months of idleness especially as the pandemic came with lockdown as a preventive measure to curb its spread. The experience in other nations seems not to be different as the pandemic brought almost all activities to a standstill.

The educational sector has been one of the worst-hit, especially in developing nations. In the wake of the virus, many thought the siege would be over within a short time. However, as the pandemic lingers, nations with good infrastructure and technology resorted to online learning and teaching, thereby engaging their students and the academic activities continue with minimal interruptions. The examinations were conducted, matriculation and convocation held.

The education sector in Nigeria as with other developing countries was brought to a halt as many of not have the required infrastructure to engage their students in online teaching. While some wealthy parents engage private teachers to teach their wards, others would rather use the available fund to feed themselves while awaiting normalcy to return to the system.

An adage says, " an idle hand is a devils workshop" As many students were kept idle, a lot of them started exploring their environment. To some book studies became boring. Others who would have engaged in learning jobs could not be absorbed due to physical/social distancing and lockdown order and closure of many businesses. Although the acquisition of skill was available via social media, not many could grab this because of exorbitant cost og surfing internet.

It is obvious that within the space of the lockdown period, many students have lost touch with academic activities. Even many schools have been overtaken by reptiles, bushes and all the likes. It would be error on the path of school management to assume that continuation of teaching should continue where they stopped as many would have to be reorientated back to their studies.

Thr first major battle school management and teachers should be ready to face is to bring back interest in academic to their students. This can be achieved by quick revision on works and exercises that will resusticate their memories.

Apart from this, schools should be ready to religiously observe and enforce all medical advise of use of nose mask, physical/social distancing, hand washing and sanitising. Drastic measures should be made against erring students who may willfully flout these medical regulations to prevent school closure by the regulatory and monitoring bodies.

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