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COVID-19 Is Teaching Us Good Lessons Beside The Bad It Is Doing, See Lessons It Has Taught Us

Covid-19 pandemic has been on headlines since the first case early this year. It is becoming a threat to the livelihood of people of the nations. Covid-19 is now the enemy of the world. It is certain that there is no cure for it at present. Nigeria has a nation is also greatly affected by the current pandemic, private and public sectors are victims.

However, in my own view and considering the situation around, Covid-19 has dealt us some lessons. Lessons we couldn't have learnt if not for the pandemic. Like someone would say, "Lessons are better learnt in the hard way".

For clarity, I am not in any way happy about the harm or setbacks Covid-19 has caused but I am drawing out some lessons we can't deny we've learnt so far. I'm more concerned with Nigeria here and I will be sharing the lessons. Shall we begin:

1. There are lot of dirty people around us.

Proven by the fact that before this pandemic hit, bath time was the only time people actually washed their hands. And don’t even get us started on the special demographic of people that no longer bath since they won’t be leaving their houses.

2. Health workers are the real heroes.

Of course by now you must already know this. They are the ones at the forefront of this war against COVID-19, showing up daily and working round the clock to keep people safe and treat infected patients.

3. Healthcare is the most important sector.

Barely 6 months into the fight against COVID-19 and health care systems around the world are already overwhelmed. If we had pumped more into the healthcare sector we would be more equipped against this virus.

4. Family is important.

Some families are related and close now because of the pandemic. Children get to know their parents and wives get to know their husbands.

5. We learnt to cut our spendings.

In addition, always follow all laid down measures for the prevention of Covid-19

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