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4 Reasons why different Deadly Diseases keeps originating from China [Opinion].

Well it have been a tragedy for the families of does who lost their lifes due to the outbreak of various diseases which originated from china. But even though must of this deadly viruses or Diseases mistakenly enters into our country by accident, little or few people actually know where they come from and how it was able to leave the country which it originally originate from and travelled to another.

So in today article am going to be giving you guys reasons in my own opinion, why various deadly Diseases keeps originating from China.

Without wasting much of your time, let's get right into the article.

1. Their large population:

China have a large population with a total amount of 1.4 billion people. Well because of his large amount of population in the country, if a particular virus mistakenly breakout today just like the Covid-19, it will not take up to a week before half of the country is affected. So I suggest the government should find a way a control their large population.

2. The type of food they consume/eat:

Chinese people have the habit of eating strange combination of food and this include rats, birds, insects, worms, or sometimes dogs. Well I think one of the mayor reasons why they keep having strange viruses is because the animals they are eating have the virus, so it was transmitted to them, the moment they started eating animals.

3. Their dirty environment:

Even though china may be one of the most developed countries in the world, they still lacks cleaning of their environment. Well the reason why am actually saying this is because, china have a large population and the amount of their waste disposal is really high, but even though they have waste personnel who handle their waste. The country is still a little dirty.

4. Their lack of believe in God.

Well in China only few out of their large population are Christians and even though their government have tried so many ways to remove the religion completely from China, they haven't succeed. So my point is that some of this Chinese government should stop trying to remove Christianity and anytime they do, they're only making God angry.


Well i hope all my opinion concerning this article was well understood by you guys. Please note that all of this points are in my own opinion and it may be different from you guy's opinion.

Thank you for reading.

Please tell me what are your thoughts concerning this matter.

Let me know in the comment section below.

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