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All Online Classes Should Stop Immediately until All Schools Reopen (Opinion)

All schools have been in this lockdown together as we all patiently await the end of corona virus. Many activities were formally brought to a halt even though some of those activities are gradually reopening again. These activities include market and church activities, interstate travels as well. Schools however has not been reopened as the government is trying to make the decisions best for her citizens. 

As the people wait for resumption of schools, I am of the opinion that we should all stand as one in unity. To this effect, all schools who engage in online classes or lectures should discontinue immediately. I have a few reasons for saying so. Let us consider these reasons together:

1. Not everyone can afford to attend an online classes:

Online classes may seem attractive to the ears, look like a drive towards technological advancement , but let us put into consideration that to be able to participate actively, one needs a good phone or even laptop. Children whose parents cannot afford these facilities, may now be unable to reach the heights others, who can buy these facilities have reached , thereby creating a demarcation among the students.

2. Some students would be left behind:

Those who find it difficult to learn and understand, even when they have a teacher present with them, may be totally left behind if they join online classes, as they may not be given the opportunity to ask all the questions they need to ask or, the teacher may not have all the time to clearly explain to the point where they can understand. This might now create a situation where some students are carried along and others are left behind. 

3. Only students from online classes would move forward:

If there are existing online classes by some schools, it implies that by resumption some schools must have rounded up a whole term or semester while other schools are yet to start that academic term or semester. Its major disadvantage is that there might be a situation of a scattered academic year in the country.

 4. The cost of mobile data.

Those who have the facility to join online classes also need yo buy mobile data. This would still be separate from the school fees they would pay upon school resumption. We all know that to buy data for a good subscription is not easy. Parents would be stressed financially as well.

5. Not all schools can afford to host online classes:

Since it is not all the schools that can afford to begin hosting online classes, it would be wise to wait until everyone is ready to resume school again. No school brought this upon themselves personally, so we should wait for others, that's humanity!

This is my opinion on online classes. Do you hold the same opinion with me? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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