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The Gradual Awakening

Nigerian graduates, especially those with Science and Engineering backgrounds, have often been ridiculed to the extent of being called useless because they have been unable to provide the necessary technological innovations needed to drive the country forward. 

Moreover, with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, they have even become the butt of joke of a lot of people - with more flak going the way of Microbiological Students/Graduates as having let down Nigerians when they are most needed. Social Media users have teased them by saying they are busying working as Tellers in banks when they should in the Laboratory looking for a viable cure to the Covid-19 virus.

However, it seems things are gradually changing as a 12-man team from the University of Benin constructed a ventilator. The team was made up of a Professor of Anaesthesiology, lecturers from the Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Department, etc.  

But why would a 12-member team be needed to construct a ventilator? It seems the ventilator can run on a battery for at least one hour; and it can also be powered by Solar Energy. This is really cool considering the challenges synonymous with power supply in the country. Interestingly, the ventilator can also be powered by the cigarette lighter port of a Car. 

We hope the Government will support more innovators and inventors, so that we won’t always have to go cap-in-hand to the west for aid in times of emergency, but would rather rely on indigenous technology and innovations to meet our needs.

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