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Please get ready: The World is going on a general lockdown.

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The United States of America has began to face the second phase of the Corona virus Pandemic.

Not only USA, the virus has also been to it's believed source, China, with the second but tough phase.

For this reason, FG will be taking steps to impose second lockdown in Nigeria, because prevention is better than cure.

This Pandemic has however began to gain it's ground across the globe, making it one of the world's most dreadful Pandemic ever faced.

A voice pleaded on behalf of Nigerians on the Kaduna FM radio few hours ago, that general lockdown should not be imposed please because Nigeria is unlike other nations where things could still keep moving with the lockdown, He was also advising that people should please keep to the present preventive measures NCDC has suggested few months back. Some of them include;

1. The wearing of Nose mask when not alone.

You are permitted to uncover your nose, for more oxygen to come in, as soon as you are alone.

2. Social Distancing

Please always avoid clutching together with people in a crowded area, etc.

What's your opinion towards the upcoming general lockdown?

Please stay safe, covid-19 is real.

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