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Fiction:I Collapsed And Almost Died The Very First Day I saw My Husband To Be.

I am Abigail from Nigeria but lives and work in the United States.I was 13 years old when I left the shores of Nigeria having won a USA immigration lottery program.Am now 26 years old and single as well.Although I have had several failed marriage attempts.

Before now;my parents have warned me not to get married to a white or black American man because of the weird western culture they have been watching in some Holy wood movies and the lifestyle of children raised up in the United States.They also Let me know, they wouldn't love their grandchildren be raised up or adopt the American culture (way of life).

Having raised me up in a Godly manner and to the fear of God;I hid to their advice and decided to marry a Nigerain man.The search for a good husband man to marry began.

Unknowingly to me;my parents liaise with my cousin in Nigerian,who does bodybuilding,powerlifting and weightlifting as his profession.My cousins introduced his bodybuilding friend to my parents;urging them (my mum) to link his friend to me for marriage.

My parents agreed and did inform me about who my cousin introduced to them to marry me .He showed them previous picture of the guy and also told them that he (my husband to be) just left the shores of Nigeria for an international bodybuilding competition in Spain.When i saw the picture of the man that wants to marry me;he looked very handsome,tall and huge.Little did I know the image I saw wasn't his most recent picture,it was probably taken seven years ago.

Subsequently,we got in contact through my cousin and communicated for several weeks before agreeing to marry each other.My parents and he(my husband to be) made all the arrangements for our court and traditional marriage.

Date for both court and traditional wedding fixed.I have also processed my traveling papers to fly down to Nigeria and get married to my husband.Lo and behold:When I flew into Nigeria,”I collapsed and almost died the very first day i saw My husband to be”.Merely Look at him,he is almost out of human form due to his bodybuilding muscles.

Soon as I regained consciousness;I quickly contacted the American embassy who facilitated my travel document that took me back to the United states.I was very disappointed and haven't spoken to my parents till date.

Note:Picture above do not convey the actual person

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