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Coronavirus: We need Federal Government Palliatives

Coronavirus: We need Federal Government Palliatives

It's a known fact that an average Nigerian believe palliative is meant or designed to remove all forms of economic pains like abracadabra formula. Palliative is not a magical measure.

Economically, Palliative is a means of minimizing the progression of austerity rather than attempting to solve the economic problem which is NOT even possible. There is no country or nation that is completely free from poverty. Meaning, every country in this world has poor population, the number however vary from one nation to another.

Nigeria as a typical example shows that over seventy millions of Nigerians are living in abject poverty and another forty millions are living on $2 per day. It's that terrible!

It is even more unbearable for millions of Nigerians since the outbreak of Covid-19 caused by Coronavirus. With the businesses shutting down and many losing their jobs more than ever before is adding salt to the bruises.

Since April, the Federal Government through the office of the Minister of finance claimed billions have been shared to millions of Nigerians via their BVN linked accounts. What followed such claim were and are counter attacks from angry Nigerians. The question is who are the Nigerians that received the said billions of naira? Are they alive or dead?

Funny enough those who were claimed to have been paid #20,000 each came out to reveal that they were only given #10,000 each. Whoever is telling us the truth knows themselves likewise the ones lieing.

In as much as I agree to another Palliative measures from the Federal Government to the common man in 36 States of the federation is a necessity now with the way things are going, I will suggest this is done strictly by the central Bank of Nigeria via BVNs. With this, the corruption level of funds diversion will at least be minimized.

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